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Artist Biographies


Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Artistic Founder & Visual Interdisciplinary Artist



JC Gonzalez is a visual Interdisciplinary and community-based artist. His work includes acrylic, oils, watercolor painting, drawing, murals, installations, and creative happenings using where nature, social justice, and human rights themes flow throughout his work; Gonzalez infuses his own abstract painting with a celebration of the spirit of his ancestors and indigenous origin informed by nature with a queer sensibility.


Gonzalez grew up in Salinas, California where he develops, teaches via Hartnell Community College in Salinas, CA; mentors, and shares with the power of arts for creative expression, leadership, advocacy, health equity, social transformation, human rights and environmental justice.


Gonzalez has also been a catalyst and mentor to younger members of his community; he teaches k through 12 grades in Salinas and Monterey county; he also works with formally incarcerated youth, to interrupt the schools to prison pipeline and integrate healing informed arts that include physical training, stress-relief breathing techniques, and relaxing meditation. JC is currently the Artistic Director and Creative founder of The Urban Arts Collaborative (UAC) is a multi-disciplinary, socially conscious arts organization, weaving interconnected issues of critical importance for the community, such as creative expression, food justice, equitable land use policies, and youth leadership.

Gonzalez received his Master in Fine Arts in Creative Inquiry Interdisciplinary Arts in  2014 from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. He attended San Diego State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Art with an emphasis in Studio Arts in 2008. In addition, Gonzalez  joined the Community Foundation for Monterey County & California State University Monterey Bay, Extended Education, Leadership Education & Development Institute (LEAD) for leaders in the nonprofit sector and his role as City of Salinas Public Arts Commissioner. 




Rudy Jimenez

Raw Foodist Urban Artist & Organic Grower Farmer entrepreneur

Rudy is an urban, mixed-media and raw foodist artist, born and raised in the Salinas Valley, CA. His work explores the impact of Nature healing food on the human psyche, mind, body and spirit. His media includes mixed media paintings and raw living mandalas with plants grown at his farm Green Thumb Organic Farms.


Nature is a symbol for him and the tenacity of the spirit and his passion to heal himself and earth.

As a healing warrior of the earth, his farming practices and art forms are rooted in healing art, he comes from a generation of organic agriculture; he also skates as a way to balance; Rudy has dedicated his service to energize the power and inter-cultural unity in families and youth working towards social and food Justice caring for Mother Earth and animals rights. Rudy currently has a 5 acres of organic farm where he weaves his practice into art and environmental education; his approach to facilitates interactive learning that inspires people’s inherent creative wisdom towards nature and their bodies. 

Rudy mentors youth, community organizers, and educators in food justice, organic farming,  wellness self care as a healing of the earth; he waved in indigenous mindfulness practices and inner-resilience practices to re-charge their souls and bodies via organic veggies; Rudy has served and organized in a variety of spaces from public schools, outdoors, and public spaces. Rudy is in his element when he gets to facilitate out in nature, using the power of mother earth and allows opportunity to activate transformative youth leadership for building a just, sustainable, and nourishing food system for all.

His art and paintings drawn from experiential events and interactions with nature like butterflies, ladybugs, hawks, sunflowers and others varieties of plants that he grows at his organic farm, he states that “Nature brings spiritual enlightenment into his life journey”.


Rudy leads major elements of  Urban Arts Collaborative projects on land use, food justice, sustainable, wellness and self care, organic farming practices, and environmental justice as lead Artist Rudy brings an essential element to our community; using Organic food as an art form to teach, share and to unify families in creating a safe space for youth to dialogue around food justice and to make conscious eating habits align with mother nature.


Rudy runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) from his farm at 770 Olympia Ave. San Juan Bautista, CA


For more information please contact: rudy@urbanartsco.org or trueprideforever@gmail.com



@greenthumborganicfarms  @trueprideforever